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Small Business Tech Stack

If you are running a Small Business, there is some basic software tech you will need including:

  • Prospect/Customer Database
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Internal Communication
  • Task List
  • Documentation of Key Processes and Policies

All of the above can be achieved by four tools. Our preferred tools are listed below.

Other tools you will need:

  • Website with Domain and Hosting (ideally integrated with your Prospect/Customer Database)
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting
  • Payments
  • Online Meetings

For a list of our other recommended tools, please click here.

The 4 Tools You Need:

TOOL 1: Small Business Hub (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Why?
    • Your Prospect and Customer Database
    • One central place for:
      • Marketing - how are you generating leads and what assets (webpages, downloads, emails, meetings, documents, etc) are they interacting with? 
        • Your Website, Social Media, Emails, Ads, Blog, Downloads, Webinars
      • Sales - how are you turning leads into paying customers?
        • Converting Sales Opportunities to Customers
      • Customer Service - how are you turning customers into Raving Fans?
        • Surveys, Customer Support Tickets, Customer Knowledge Base


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  • Basic version is free.
  • Starter Package is $50/month USD

TOOL 2: Email and Calendar

  • Why?

Email - Gmail

  • Single channel just for external communication with anyone outside of your team
  • All emails with prospects and customers also flow into your Small Business Hub/CRM

Calendar - Gcal

  • How am I spending my time?
  • What’s the time mix between:
    • Work:
      • Internal Meetings
      • External Meetings (ie. time with prospects, customers, or partners) - all meetings with prospects, customers flow into the CRM
      • Focused Time on Key Tasks
    • Personal
      • Self Care
      • Time with Friends and Family




  • Starting at $8/user/month

TOOL 3: Team Communication

  • Why?
    • A tool just for internal communication with your team.
    • This can’t be email - email is for external communication only.
    • The advantage of separating Internal Communication is that you can use channels to organize conversations by subject.
    • Stop emailing and text messaging your team.




  • Basic version is free.

TOOL 4: Team Command Centre (Tools, Workflows, and Roles & Responsibilities)

  • Why?
    • Your Team Operations Manual and launching point.

    • One central place for:

      • Tools - which software are we using, when do we use it, and how do we use them? Includes Individual and Team Expectations, Guardrails, and Step-by-Step How-To’s
      • Workflows - how do we get things done around here? Which form initiates a Workflow and what is the Step-by-Step process?
      • Roles & Responsibilities - what is each person responsible for on the team?

      Here’s a complete walk through of the Team Command Centre in Notion




  • Starting at $8/user/month

Do you need help with your Small Business Software Tech Stack?

We can help you determine the right software tools for your Small Business. Book a call with us to learn more.