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How to Get Started with Hubspot: the 5 Things You Need to Do


Do this before you start on Hubspot

TASK 1: Create a Clean List of your Contacts in a Google Sheet or Excel

Create a clean list of these contacts:

  • Clients
  • Prospects
  • Former Clients
  • Vendors/Partners

You probably need to pull from:

  • Google Contacts or Your Current Contact Database
  • Email
  • Spreadsheets
  • Other software (billing, membership sites, etc)

Ensure the list is up-to-date with:

  • Basic Information (name, email address, phone, etc.)
  • Any Custom Data Fields You Want to Track

TASK 2: Flowchart your Marketing System/Process

In what ways do people hear about your business? 

  • Website / Blog
  • Word-of-Mouth
  • Social Media
  • Search (Google)
  • Paid Social or Search
  • Print
  • Billboards
  • In Person Events 
  • Email 

How much do you spend on each and how many leads does it generate for your business?


TASK 3: Flowchart your Sales System/Process

When a prospect becomes interested in paying for your services, how and when do you: 

  • Book a meeting with them
  • Assess if they have interest and enough money to afford your services
  • Explain your sales process and what they can expect next
  • Capture and store important notes from the meeting
  • Create and track follow up tasks
  • Send follow up email(s)
  • Send a proposal
  • Follow up on the proposal
  • Ask for the Business / Close the Sale 
  • Change their status from Prospect to Customer

TASK 4: Flowchart your Customer Service System/Process

For current customers, how and when do you:

  • Support them when they have an issue with your service
  • Survey them to understand their satisfaction 
  • Survey them to understand how willing they are to recommend you to others
  • Provide a knowledge database for them to solve their own issues or get the most out of your service
  • Gather testimonials 
  • Generate referrals to other people

TASK 5: Make sure you are using Google Chrome

  • Hubspot works the best with Google Mail and in the Google Chrome browser.
  • Using the Hubspot Google Chrome Extension you can:
    • Log/Track Emails in Hubspot
    • Easily choose to not Log/Track Emails in Hubspot
    • Create a contact in Hubspot (if one does not already exist)
    • Synchronize your Google Calendar to Hubspot
    • See a preview of the Contact record and look at recent activity
    • Easily add your meeting link for scheduling
    • Easily add email templates or snippets
    • Easily attach trackable Documents
    • Create Follow Up Tasks

Ready to create a free Hubspot account?

Here's a complete walk through of the initial setup steps and what to do first.